Jerry's Massage Therapy

Clearwater, Florida Massage Therapist
Jerry Held

Jerry's Massage Therapy is located at

Current Residence at
17701 April Boulevard
Alachua, FL 32615

(727) 481-9884 


Bhakti with Reiki Energy Massage

I combine Bhakti style massage with Reiki energy. In other words, you receive a slow - flowing - glide that is God centered.


(Shorter Version of Video below)




This experience, which can be adjusted to suit your preferences, starts with a scalp massage and then moves to the feet and calf area. The head and feet as well as the hands and ears contain nerve endings that have their beginnings throughout the rest of the body. By working the scalp and feet first, I relax and ready the rest of the body for the massage.

Next comes the Bhakti flow. A handful of warm Biotone massage lotion will be spread over the entire back of the body, from the base of your neck down to your toes and then back again. Constant movement, pressure (individual) and pace (slow) will be used to induce a deep state of relaxation on both sides of the body.

A great sound system, aroma therapy, warm room, hot packs and hot towels are included for your enjoyment.

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