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My wife and I have been going to Jerry since around 2004. As a former Massage Therapist, I can say without a doubt that it's the best massage I've ever had. Jerry creates an atmosphere of complete relaxation from the moment you step into the room. What he does is truly wonderful and worth every penny. The way he glides from your shoulders all the way down to your feet. My wife and I are convinced that he's flying/hovering over the table when he does that! I slip into a state of euphoria, and before I know, the time is up. Feeling amazing. We continue to see Jerry as often as possible and recommend him to everyone.

Eric and Sharon Tochterman, Clearwater Florida

Marianne Lehman said:

"Treat yourself to rest and recovery for your body and spirit with a personalized massage from Jerry Held. He has it all, serene surroundings and music; warmth and comfort of hot packs/room temperature; seemingly effortless ability to provide slow, flowing, full body length movement with pressure to your specification. He is a kind, spiritual, professional who always has your best interest in mine to foster your best experience. And should you have a need for therapeutic massage for a particular ailment, just let him know and he will happily incorporate his expertise for that ailment. ml (a client more than 5 years.) "

LettyAnn Felts said:

"This was truly the most soothing and restorative massage I've ever had. I had my massage early on a Saturday morning. What a great way to start the weekend. Jerry is a very intuitive therapist with a kind and healing energy. This wasn't a "massage" by the numbers experience. It was a rejuvenating yet calming experience for not only my body but my mind and spirit as well. Truly, you owe it to yourself to try Jerry's massage. I'll be back and soon. Thanks Jerry!"

Katherine Piowaty said:

"He was awesome and very professional and caring"
Deal: Hour-Long Bhakti Massage with Reiki Energy - Clearwater - 6/17/2013

Dawn Handley said:

"Amazing massage, both physically and mentally. Already have my next appt. made. Jerry is awesome."
Hour-Long Bhakti Massage with Reiki Energy - Clearwater - 6/17/2013

Barbara Kulik said:

"In my opinion, this is one of the best massage centers in the Tampa Bay area!!! The setting is beautiful, wonderfully clean, and serene. Professional massage therapist Jerry, with 12+ years of experience, took time out to ask about painful spots and areas of concern before starting. He used the perfect amount of pressure to therapeutically massage away all my aches and pains! The variety of techniques used (healing energy, cranial/facial/full body massage,aromatherapy, ambient sound) were exactly what I needed to feel 100 times better! Try it out...this is not your average Massages R Us type of establishment. Can't get much better than this!"
Deal: Hour-Long Bhakti Massage with Reiki Energy - Clearwater - 6/17/2013


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More Testimonials

Samantha Thompson said:

"I Recently started a strenuous workout plan and was very sore from head to toe. Jerry"s obvious mastery of his craft and professionalism left me on cloud nine, ten, and eleven. I was also able to continue the (P90x) workouts with a new vigor. Thanks Jerry."

Marian Andrews said:

"Jerry gave the most amazing....spiritual and physical massage I have ever received in my life of many massages....I am 62 years old with arthritis and it helped immensely. I look forward to many more with him over the years. Truly exceptional!!"

Jo Struthers said:

This was the most amazing massage I have ever had. the smoothness, affinity level and professional competence with which the whole thing was done was very relaxing and extremely therapeutic. Jerry took care with each little bit, including the ambiance. It was perfect. His level of care and intention helped to put me completely at ease. What a nice experience! I feel very much better and highly recommend Jerry as a true professional. Thank you for your help Jerry.





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